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There are only Russian TV stations broadcasting there. Recently we got a copy of the document issued by so-called “Information Ministry of LPR” and below is a full list of Internet websites that were blocked by local Internet providers who had to follow the order. On the other hand, why run around in public making a show of it?’The Russian parliament, the Duma, has already voted to give Putin the authority to take action in the country, where the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych was last month ousted after mass protests in the capital, Kiev.Regarding the symbolic value of this, or indeed any international airport, it acts as a gateway to a city, region, or even a country, and as such, forms part of the national infrastructure.Therefore, international airports represent an element of civil service, in itself again, a visible branch of government.But it took several weeks for local companies that operate in the city to fulfill that order. The access to information resources was blocked on January 15 2016.

The announcement came dispute international calls to return to a ceasefire line agreed at peace talks in Minsk in September.The Ukraine conflict has entered its "most deadly period", the United Nations warned on Friday, as Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine rejected further peace talks and announced an offensive on all fronts."There will be no more ceasefires and rotation," he said."There will be no attempts to talk about ceasefire from our side," he said.Mr Poroshenko has blamed Russia for the new offensive, saying there are approximately 9000 Russian troops supporting the separatists.Nato accused Russia of a "substantial increase" in its supply of heavy military equipment to the separatists."We speak about tanks, armed vehicles, artillery, advanced air defence systems," Jen Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general, said during a visit to Kosovo.

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