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If you have not yet watched the documentary, emotionally prepare yourself — the disturbing details will stay with you. Her family also insinuated that she murdered her birth mother and poisoned her stepmom. “I’ll be a good girl” is what Gypsy said to her stepmom and father when they parted during their prison visit. Before she murdered her mother and ran away with Nicholas, Gypsy ran away with another man.

At the same time, the story of Dee and Gypsy is so unbelievable, and the lies are so complex and layered, it’s difficult to entirely process their story after just one viewing. Gypsy’s mom had her daughter on Xanax at the time she was murdered. Gypsy and Dee’s joint Facebook account is still alive, though it is now a memorial page. At age 1, Gypsy knew what her “cranial” and “phalanges” were, and she could point to them. This is exactly what she would say when her mother was upset with her, meaning that she still retains this behavior. According to Gypsy, her mother’s last words (hours before her murder) were: “Don’t hurt me.” 11.

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a few weeks ago, I fell down the true crime rabbit hole (and pulled my co-editor Rachel down with me). Have any doctors faced repercussions for treating Gypsy, and not discovering she was not actually ill?

We inhaled every tidbit of info we could about Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blancharde, a mother-daugther pair whose story has sent us spiraling. Did Dee Dee allow her to walk in the privacy of their home? What else does Aleah Pinegar (Gypsy’s neighbor and friend) know about secrets Gypsy kept from her mother? When Gypsy posted both Facebook statuses from the shared account so people would discover Dee Dee’s body, why did she choose to make the statuses so graphic and violent? Why did Dee Dee put Gypsy in ballet class when she knew that Gypsy was supposed to appear paralyzed? Have any systemic changes been made in law and health care to ensure this cannot happen again? We know that Gypsy had her body altered in several ways, and that Dee Dee had quite a lot of medication for her.

Born 25 August 1930, James Blocksom was originally from Ohio USA.

After the Korean War, while serving as an optometry officer at the airforce headquarters in Tokyo in 1954, Blocksom became a Christian.

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