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LONDON — London’s Haredi leadership has hit back at a television program claiming that the community covers up child sex abuse, saying the show “has done nothing to assist, and may have damaged, the chances of bringing abusers to justice.” The program, “Britain’s Hidden Child Abuse,” aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday and alleged that rabbis in the Orthodox community forbid or discourage alleged victims of pedophilia from going to the secular authorities.

It showed secretly filmed footage of two Haredi rabbis approached for advice by a former member of the community, who alleged that he had been sexually abused as a child.

One, Ephraim Padwa, the head of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, explicitly forbade him from going to the police.

The other, religious judge Osher Westheim of the Manchester Beth Din, or religious court, said he was personally investigating allegations that a teacher at a local Jewish school was a pedophile, and claimed to have succeeded in getting some perpetrators to pay compensation to their victims — including, once, £5,000 (,900).

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