Amy fisher dating joey

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco believed her husband when he said he’d had nothing to do with 17-year-old Amy Fisher.

Joey Buttafuoco’s bride even stayed with him after his teenaged mistress shot her in the face on this day, May 19, in 1992.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco -- who was infamously shot in the face by her husband's teenage lover nearly 20 years ago -- re-married in Las Vegas yesterday. Mary Jo underwent numerous surgeries and lost her hearing in one ear as a result of the shooting.

Buttafuoco exchanged vows with a guy named Stu Tendler, who reportedly manages a print shop in Vegas. She wrote a book about the ordeal entitled, "Getting It Through My Thick Skull."Amy Fisher served seven years in jail for the shooting, while Joey Buttafuoco did six months for statutory rape.

Presuming Fisher to be lying, Mary Jo had previously told reporters, “If I really believed Joey Buttafuoco had an affair with Amy Fisher, I'd cut his testicles off.”But somehow, the 36-year-old auto mechanic managed to keep his testicles, and his wife, after he admitted to sleeping with the high-school senior who moonlighted as a call girl.

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Concluding that he, not Amy Fisher, was the real sociopath, she penned a book titled .

Her faith in people remained such that she publicly forgave Fisher and expressed disappointment that the troubled teen had gone on to work in the porn industry.

Fisher has offered less concern for the woman she permanently scarred."I feel no sympathy for Mary Jo the multimillionaire,” she told a reporter in 2008.

In May 1991, at the age of 16, Fisher met Joey Buttafuoco at his auto shop and they soon started a sexual affair.

In August of 1991, while still carrying on the affair, Fisher told Buttafuoco she needed money, and he suggested she begin work at an escort agency.

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