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Events happen differently in 'the search of Alpha Trion' and Elita One is made Megatron's slave.

What designs does the Decepticon Warlord have on her and can she resist? Shocking second last chapter now up, you're in for a surprise.

I will definitely be back in this salon on my next visit to Kilkenny. I was rushing past at just a few minutes short of 6pm and just asked her was she still open (as much of Kilkenny seems to shut at 5.30pm! She very willingly said she'd be able to do my hair.

She did a marvellous job, I was so pleased with it!

Elita Hair Salon is an intimate salon with highly competent and trained staff offering a one to one service using only the best high standard products.

A comfortable relaxed salon atmosphere that offers excellent consultation as well as after care advice.

L’hygiène de votre cuisine ou de votre salle de bain n’est pas en cause.

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Venant des canalisations les vers s’installent dans les pièces humides, la douche, les fissures, les plafonds et même les plans de travail de la cuisine.

This aesthetic ran through the whole of her feed, and I couldn’t help but notice how many disgusting comments she was receiving for it, some of which didn’t even make sense (“you fucking bed and I, my dick is very big”).

What struck me most was how well composed every photo was. I think (most) men follow me because they see my photos as erotic and nothing else.

Bruises and cuts aren’t hidden or edited: she doesn’t try and “perfect” her body, only her pictures.

The mostly ironic captions give a sense of self-awareness to the photographs.

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